Why Adam Milstein Is One of the Most Influential Jews in the World

Adam Milstein has recently gained immense recognition courtesy of his stellar entrepreneurial and philanthropic contributions. His vast experience in several industries attests to the depth of his business acumen. As such, the Jerusalem Post deemed it necessary to highlight his achievements, and include him as one of the 50 most prominent Jewish personalities.

Featuring as no. 39 on the list, Adam Milstein joins an elite group of movers and shakers of the world. This elite team includes various philanthropists and political leaders such as Ron Lauder, Matthew Bronfman, Malcolm Hoenlein and Elena Kagan. Milstein’s ticket to the hall of fame is attributed to his exemplary leadership skills as chairman and co-founder of the Israeli- American Council. In addition, his noted contributions as activist and philanthropist in several Jewish institutions have also earned his tremendous respect and admiration from peers.

Milstein credits his wife, Gila, as a pillar of inspiration and motivation to the profound success he has garnered over the years. Furthermore, he extends gratitude to numerous institutions that have offered support in various ways. Their efforts have been substantial in the formation of solid partnerships that have made a difference in the Jewish community. His nomination to the influential list is a testament of the significant strides made in the Israeli-American community.

About The Milstein Foundation

The Milstein Foundation is a non-profit institution that is dedicated to uplifting the living standards of the Jewish community in America. In addition, the organization also focuses on fostering relations between Israel and the United States. To achieve predetermined goals, the foundation aims at funding projects with a vision of empowering the Jewish youth and developing synergies between co-existing groups.

Adam Milstein in Brief

Mr. Milstein is a Haifa native of Israel. Raised from a humble background, he joined the Israeli military as a combat soldier at the age of 19. Once the war was over, Milstein pursued education and earned a BSc. in economics and business from the Technion Institute of Technology.

Adam also serves as a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. The company specializes in accounting, disposition and financing to its large client base. While at the helm, Milstein has overseen the acquisition and repositioning of family properties to meet the needs of customers. For more information about Milstein, visit: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20161005006343/en/Jerusalem-Post-Names-Adam-Milstein-World%E2%80%99s-Top