Talk Fusion Launches Upgrade to its Video Chat App

Talk Fusion is a company was established by CEO and Founder Bob Reina in 2007. It offers a variety of options for marketing through video. It boasts of being the first in the world to release an all-in-one solution for video marketing. According to information on its website, the outfit is dedicated to enabling businesses to beat competition and retain customers while increasing sales and profits. Today, independent associates market the company’s products person-to-person. The firm also supports numerous charities for people, communities and animals around the globe.
Launch of Upgrade

Just recently, Talk Fusion announced an upgrade to its Video Chat app, a move that was greeted with applause. You see, the app had already won awards for its functionality, ease of use and efficiency. In early 2016, it was named the number one communication app in the world as well as the 2016 communication Solution Product of the Year.

Its latest upgrade comes with features that help users build business and streamline communication. There are enhancements that help users track team members’ progress instantly. Examples of these enhancements are group chats, user friendliness and ease of access to contacts. The app comes in cutting-edge technology and has rightly been described as trend-setting.

Bob Reina boasted that the product was in its own league. He emphasized the fact that the app allowed users to chat with anyone from any device. He says that users will increase their companies’ productivity by keeping in touch with team members and thereby keeping businesses in track.

The upgrade enhances the app’s crystal-clear quality and high quality functionality. New account holders are encouraged to sign up and join video chat rooms as this directly enables them to communicate with anyone in the world seamlessly. Anyone can download Video Chat from Google Play and iTunes stores.