Sentient AI: How To Increase Your Conversion Rates Through E-Commerce Branding

If you are branding your product through e-commerce, you need more than just likes. You need an actual sale, not something which might translate into a sale.

Sentient AI: Four Factors That Aid In Conversion Rate Optimization

1) The online sale

2) A customer adding something into their wishlist or cart.

3) Social media sharing and signing up for email lists.

4) Any KPI(Key Product Indicator) your company sees value in.

You can do research on conversion rate optimization on your landing pages or your category pages. The average percent of conversion rates is 1-2%. You could be doing everything right and you still will have sales adding up to 2%.

Google Analytic: What Indicators Should You Be Watching For?

1) How do your customers or visitors find your site? Do they get direct referrals? Do they look in Google? You need to know that information.

2) How long do your customers stay on your site? Do they stay for a brief period and leave? Do they stay for an hour or so? The length of their stay is an indicator of their interest level.

3) Are your visitors returning or are they new?

4) What is your current conversion rate? How many people do you have converting from a like to a sale? How many of your current customers are still on the fence?

5) Where do your customers and visitors originate? This information will give you some idea of your target audience. Your brand needs to be focused on one or two select audiences. Those people who are actually interested in what you sell.

Four Ways You Can Increase Your Brand Visibility and Increase Your Conversion Rates

1) Your images need to be of the highest quality. You want to see the detail in what you buy. Your customers need to see the detail too. The zoom feature is a great place to begin.

2) Free shipping is a game-changer. You need to increase your brand awareness and conversion by using psychological warfare. You need to be smarter than your average shopper, anticipating their needs before they do.

3) Coupons are your friend.

4) Asjust your prices as needed.