Talk Fusion Launches Upgrade to its Video Chat App

Talk Fusion is a company was established by CEO and Founder Bob Reina in 2007. It offers a variety of options for marketing through video. It boasts of being the first in the world to release an all-in-one solution for video marketing. According to information on its website, the outfit is dedicated to enabling businesses […]

John Goullet Is Showing Others The Way

When someone is a leader, it is not something they should take lightly, as a lot of people look at them and they depend on them to lead by example. They might be too shy to approach the leader or a person in an authoritative position, but in reality, it is the best thing they […]

Soros Drops US Stocks, Picks up Gold Instead

As reported by Bloomberg, billionaire philanthropist George Soros’s previous quarter ended in a way that points to a decreased interest in US investments. Soros Fund Management disclosed that the end of March saw a 37% drop in US stocks, which accounted for $3.5 billion in holdings. Soros Fund Management released $173 million worth of shares […]

Helane Morrison: Bringing Change in the Financial Sector

Every once in a while, someone arrives on the scene and shakes all our misconceptions and forces us to look at things from a different perspective. This takes a lot of courage since most of us would prefer to take a seat at the back and let the status quo remain. So, why does this […]

Dick DeVos Supports Rubio

During presidential election years, voters in Michigan do not vote until mid-March. During many years that means that those in Michigan have no choice because one candidate has already won enough votes to cinch the nomination. That has not been the case with the 2016 election. Ahead of Super Tuesday, five candidates remain in contention. […]

Queens of Drama: Familiar Soap Opera Melodrama in a New Show Concept

With Reality Television shows on the rise and a significant drop in Soap Opera followers, “Queens of Drama” uses this as an opportunity to create a new show concept. Most soap lovers will find the melodrama in this series is a fair trade off. The series is an ensemble of former soap stars who work […]

Meet People And Mingle On Skout

If you are new in town or are doing a fair amount of traveling, then I highly suggest that you try out this online dating and social media application called Skout. Have you ever tried online dating? I have before, and when I tried it with the other websites I have had limited results. Everyone […]