Norka Martinez Luque and Her Career in the Mainstream Music Community

Norka Martinez Luque has managed to become one of the most talked about individual in the Latin music community. The 30-year-old pop singer has left her fans and rivals wondering how fast her career has grown. Currently, she is based in Miami, Florida’s most vibrant city.


Even though she calls Miami her home, she wasn’t born there. Norka was born in Caracas Venezuela in February 1985. According to her profile, she spent most of her early life in this city before relocating to France. She attended preschool and high school in this city.


After graduating from high school, Luque decided to further her education. Even though Venezuela has very good universities, Luque felt that moving to France was the best option. Additionally, she wanted to learn French. She enrolled in a French business school and took a business course (business administration).


Ms. Martinez is living her dream of becoming a successful pop artist thanks to the Latin music producer and business person Emilio Estefan. Mr. Estefan is the man behind her successful release ‘Milagro.’ It was this single that made Luque known to the world. She used this song to give her worldwide audience a taste of what she was about.


Norka Luque’s entry into the mainstream music community has come at a time when no true Latin artists are making the crossover to the mainstream music industry. We have seen Latin musician make the crossover and become very successful. Take for instance Shakira and Gloria Estefan; these two artists became household names after they crossed over to the mainstream music industry.


Like Shakira or Gloria Estefan, we expect to see Luque enjoy the same success. Luque moved to the United States after she completed her higher education in France. Even though she has been in this country for a quite some time now, she still got that energetic Latin vibe that her fans find so appealing.


Norka Luque says that Ricky Martin is her greatest idol in the music industry and she is inspired by other artists such as Nirvana, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Shakira, George Michael and a host of other big artists. Over the course of her career, Norka’s music has covered different genres including Latin pop, dance just to name a few. Overall, Luque’s music is motivational and full of hope.


The Venezuelan beauty has all it takes to achieve even greater success. We can only wait and see what the future has in store for her.