Malini Saba, a Smart and Powerful Businesswoman

Malini Saba is the chief executive officer and founder of the amazing Saban Company. She is one of the most renowned female investors, philanthropists and businesspersons across the globe. Saba began her career in Silicon Valley in the 1990s. Here she focused on investment with different firms before making a decision to establish her very own venture. Malini later on established Saban, a firm that has assisted secure great stake in different areas across the world. Primarily, Saban operates in three different locations around the globe, specializing in varied business activities. This company holds interest in the gas and oil industry in China. Additionally, it operates in the real estate sector and technological sector in Australia and the United States respectively.


Passionate Philanthropist


Besides being a remarkable businessperson, Saba is a passionate philanthropist. She contributes and donates money to different charity causes with an ultimate aim of building sustainable societies. Malini Saba established Stree: Global Investment in Women in 2001, an organization that was inaugurated by Queen Noor and Bill Clinton who is the former United States president. This foundation focuses on providing reliable healthcare services and education to both women and children from low-income backgrounds. Furthermore, it also stipulates legal empowerment to women located in Central America, Africa, India and Eastern Europe.


With a big heart of giving, Malini Saba made an impressing donation of $1 million to the El Camino hospital located in Mountain View. The finances were aimed at establishing a research centre to serve the South Asians. This great contribution was only one year after making a pledge of $10million to Sri Lanka and India tsunami victims.


Her Early Life


Malini Saba was brought up in Perth where she also attended school. Upon completing her studies, she relocated to the US and settled in San Francisco. In her early years, Malini was a committed, dedicated and skilled entrepreneur. She took full advantage of every new opportunity that presented itself and this was her driving force. While in Francisco, Saba enrolled for business classes with an aim to sharpen her entrepreneurial skills. With a great ambition of starting her own venture, Malini attended different conferences that presented openings to meet with successful entrepreneurs and investors. These conferences enabled her identify various business niches as well as create extensive links and good association with other magnates. With more than 25 fruitful years in commerce, Saba has been very successful in her market trend analysis through capitalizing of her results.