José Borghi Discusses the Pitfalls of Inbound Marketing

The old saying “advertising is the heart and soul of business” can now be supplemented with: “content is the heart and soul of business.” Every day, more companies are becoming adept at content marketing and are rapidly adopting inbound marketing. New Brazilian advertising entrepreneurs like Jose Borghi are expecting quick results using this marketing strategy, as if the strategy itself is the only solution to their problems. First we need to clarify the difference between content marketing and inbound marketing.

According to José Borghi, CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, inbound marketing is a strategy to attract users by delivering content to help solve their problems, ie, delivering relevant content. It is through this strategy that a brand gains authority in the market and customer trust. In turn, content marketing is a part of this process with the production of relevant material.

If everything goes well, the customer will make a purchase. The main problem here is coming up with an effective marketing strategy. Excited about the novelty and the possibility of getting more customers, many companies end up making a strategy that is poorly planned and done in a hurry.

Some of the common pitfalls of inexperienced marketers are:

Trying too hard to look smart. “It is obvious that a company that produces unique and intelligent content on their website will make their brand look good,” says José Borghi. “But in content marketing strategy, it is not enough. There needs to be a plan that goes far beyond an interesting content. We need SEO optimization, consumer research studies, etc. If an ad agency only relies on attractive to grow their brad, then they will only end up disappointed.” says the President of Mullen Lowe Brazil.

Be useful. In fact, this is one of the main pillars of content marketing and advertising such Mullen Lowe. What you really need to ask is: for whom are you writing for? It is useless to point out the benefits of your product is none of your points are even related to your customer.

“Today’s consumer is well informed before making a purchase. What companies need to provide is factual information, not buzzwords,” emphasizes the CEO of Lowe Mullen Brazil.

Be present. Social media are now dominating online marketing and your company should not be left out. You need to know what interests you customers and engage with them daily. You need to really participate and respond directly to your customers. Source: