Jason Halpern – Using His Passion for the Greater Good

Jason Halpern is the Founder as well as Managing Partner of JMH Development. JMH has than 50 years in the business and is located in bustling New York. Through his vision and expertise Jason has led JMH in gaining and developing several properties, including, but not limited to, several historic buildings. What sets him apart from other developers is his niche and passion for building in historic areas. He is respectful of the communities where he develops and is successful party because of that fact. He’s also successful because he’s just good at what he does but yet still remains humble and aware of those around him.


Through his commitment to giving his resources and personal time to charitable many ventures, he has helped many people to get into bettered situations. He is a strong supporter of the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center which is considered a Level I Trauma Center. The Center is used to perform open heart surgeries, reattach severed limbs, and perform complex emergency neurosurgery and orthopedic surgeries. It is also a haven for pregnant woman and children, burn victims, and people with life-threatening internal injuries, among many other vital uses.


In 2015 JMH formed a partnership with a global non-profit water charity, and of every signed contract from the Three Hundred Collins development, $20,000 is donated to help the cause. This helped fund much-needed water projects in Ethiopia and Nepal. Through his Splash and Tigray charities, clean water is being made available to more than 650 Nepalese and Ethiopian locals and making an invaluable difference in their lives.


Jason has a passion for philanthropy and the charitable initiatives through JMH continues to help countless people globally. He still remains very much involved and dedicated to using his talents and drive in the real estate market to benefit those around him that may be less fortunate.