How A Simple Freedom Checks Saving Strategy Helped Many Americans Get $34.6 Billion

Never in the history of America has a single saving plan has helped many people get back their money as did Freedom Checks. Started from the scratch by Matt Badiali and seen by many people as another scheme, Freedom Checks turned out to be what many Americans actually needed. This was evidenced last month when investors lined up to different banks each to receive their share of the $34.6 billion pie. Learn more about Freedom Checks at


Speaking many months ago during the launch of these Checks, Matt Badiali told people that his strategy is like no other. He even said that while a government will give a person a company a grant, it gives the money on conditions. “Sometimes it is very difficult to meet the demands thus you lose the grant,” he said back then. Badiali added that while Freedom Checks is all about smart saving, when the money is given back to the individual, it is given without conditions. He added that there is no sweet money that can be put into practical projects than the money that someone has worked for and saved for a long time. That money can do something substantive than a grant that one hasn’t worked for.



Among those who received a share of the $34.6 billon is Mike Reed who lives in Golden, Colorado. His share was $160, 923. When he received the money from his local account he could not believe. So far, Mr. Reed was the highest paid investor. But there were many other that got thousands of dollars in savings.


When he introduced Freedom Checks to the American people, Badiali’s aim was to help the middle class to save. After seeing how many people struggle to earn a living after losing their jobs, he started to encourage people to save. He used whatever medium he thought fit. One of the best ways he employed was when he used videos to show everybody that saving is a good thing that can help the young and old alike. He even emphasized that Freedom Checks was and is not all about the amount one has but what he commits into saving. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.