Helane Morrison: Bringing Change in the Financial Sector

Every once in a while, someone arrives on the scene and shakes all our misconceptions and forces us to look at things from a different perspective. This takes a lot of courage since most of us would prefer to take a seat at the back and let the status quo remain. So, why does this happen? We might want a change to occur but are too afraid to speak out because it would mean that the spotlight will be on us. In the business world, this is amplified ten-fold due to the monetary implications. 

When a person finally has the courage to do so, we all look in wonder and hail them as stars. They have to be upright in character, be ethical, and have integrity that can stand any scrutiny. Helane Morrison is such a person, working against corruption exposing unscrupulous brokers and changing the financial environment for good. An influential play for over 30 years, she hasn’t wavered in her fight.

The economic crisis which began in 2007 left people dazed, and financial institutions lost client confidence. Americans saw the rot in the financial sector exposed, and it was shocking to see the rampant fraudulent dealings and corruption that held the finance industry hostage. Institutions that were held in high regard were failing and everyone was insecure.

Working under Supreme Court Justice, Harry A, Blackmun early in her career (LinkedIn biography), Morrison was impacted by Blackmun’s fight for justice. He made many changes to outdated women’s rights and was determined in his equality quest. This led Morrison to develop her passion for justice and equality which she has carried through her career.

While at the SEC, Morrison headed several fraud cases involving top executives of multinationals, such as Google and HBO, who were then regarded as ‘untouchable’. She also led investigations to unearth a sale of false securities by American Amicable to over 50,000 personnel in the military. Another notable case was uncovering corrupt practices by a major partner at Ernst and Young. 

At Hall Capital, a financial company completely run by women; Sarah Stein, Kathryn Hall and Morrison, work to change the financial sector. They emphasize flexibility and resiliency as the qualities that women need for success in the financial industry.

Helane Morrison
Helane Morrison works in Hall Capital Partners LLC and serves as a Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer. She joined the firm in 2007 and is also an Executive Committee member. She is a former SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) Regional Director.

She earned a B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University, Illinois. Morrison also studied law at University of California at Berkeley’s School of Law. There she was the Editor-In-Chief of the California Law Review.

More information on her can be found here: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/helane-morrison#/entity