FreedomPop Is Proud To Continue Offering Many Great Wireless Services

While FreedomPop is satisfied with having many different services that they can provide to their customers, some companies are satisfied with only having cell phone service, but that was not good enough for FreedomPop. When FreedomPop opened with cell phone service, they were offering it for free and also offering a paid plan that was low in cost. A FreedomPop review shows that they exploded in popularity, which led them to add additional services to their company, which include Wi-Fi service, home Internet service, portable hotspots, cell phone sales, tablet sales, and their popular cell phone service.

Starting with the Wi-Fi service, this is an incredibly popular service that has millions of people all over the USA happy about using Wi-Fi service because it’s safe and very secure. The way that FreedomPop has made the Wi-Fi safe is by only allowing users to access the Wi-Fi service application. Anyone who wants to use the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop must identify themselves through the application, and the person has to pay a monthly fee of five dollars to access the service, which means every Wi-Fi user can be identified. The Wi-Fi service is also at 4G speeds and has millions of hotspots.

The home Internet service is not for everyone but can be for those who want Internet service that is low in cost. Not everyone wants to spend $50-$100 each month on their Internet service, so FreedomPop is a great alternative. Those who purchase a FreedomPop Hub to get Internet service will have Wi-Fi service that can serve up to eight different devices at once. Since 1 GB of free data will be provided to the FreedomPop Hub, it’s up to the user to add more data if they want it for their modem. Those that purchase a portable FreedomPop hotspot will love it.

The FreedomPop hotspot is usable in many locations and gets 500 MB of data free each month. Plans are also available for the hotspots as well. Those getting cell phone service from FreedomPop can use almost any kind of phone, including Sprint CDMA phones. A sim card that is purchased directly from FreedomPop has to be ordered to use the GSM phones that take a sim card. Anyone who needs a cell phone can always purchase one directly from a FreedomPop retailer or from FreedomPop’s website, or it’s possible for a user to bring their unlocked GSM phone to FreedomPop for use.

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