Exploring the Acquisition College Savings Bank

Late last year, NexBank SSB unveiled its acquisition of the College Savings Bank of Princeton in New Jersey. NexBank SSB is a subsidiary of the NexBank Capital Inc., which is a Dallas-based financial service institution. NexBank Capital focuses on providing financial and banking solutions to its customers through mortgage banking, commercial banking and investment banking.

John Holt, NexBank Capital’s president and chief executive officer, indicated that the College Savings Bank would retain its branding and name. However, it would continue with its operations under NexBank. The College Savings Bank has been dealing with college savings since 1987.It operates like a program manager for Arizona Family College Savings Program-Bank Plan and the Indiana College Choice CD 529 Savings Plan.

A Closer Look at NexBank

NexBank Capital Inc. is a Dallas-based financial service company that provides tailor-made financial banking and financial services targeting its clients. It deals with customers such as individuals, top financial institutions, real estate investors, small businesses, corporations as well as institutional clients. NexBank provides services to its clients through three key businesses like investment banking commercial banking and mortgage banking. These divisions include various operations such as warehouse lending, credit services, mergers and acquisitions, real estate advisory, corporate finance among many others.

NexBank’s executive management team boasts of both industry expertise as well as a strong determination ensuring customer satisfaction. The Dallas-based financial service company provides its customers with unmatched access to complex and customized solutions, which are offered by its team of highly trained and experienced specialists. NexBank also provides a broad range of Certificates of Deposit competitive terms and rates to suit the needs of its clients. Apart from financial matters, NexBank takes part in philanthropic endeavors such as donating money to families of fallen and wounded Dallas police officers. Additionally, it also maintains its partnership with the Habitat for Humanity International.