David Osio Charitable Move of Increasing Philanthropic Support

Recently, David Osio has announced of his interest in increasing his philanthropic support to include funding world philanthropic organizations.In his statement.David said that the move would increase the living standards of the community locally and internationally.He added that he started funding local organizations, but due to expansion in business, he will respond by increasing support to include world organizations with the aim of reaching more poor communities.

David Osio is a brilliant, ambitious, and successful businessperson in Venezuela who has been on the first row in changing the lives of many people through his contribution to the growth of the economy. David has been in support of art, music and medical research facilities and communities over a decade now. David is a financier by profession, and he is the current director and founder of Davis Financial Group (DFG) since its inception in 1993, where he has tirelessly worked for the tremendous growth of this company.

David Osio graduated from Catholic University Andres Bello, one of the prestigious universities in Venezuela, with a degree in International Banking Law. He also studied advanced management program. After school, he continued to exercise his entrepreneurial and leadership skills in different sectors. His goal has always been to see the growth and expansion of every company that he has been involved in either as an employee or as a part of management team.

David’s career life started in 1981 as president and CEO of OPED Enterprise where he worked hard to see the growth of this company. Through his dedication and passion for advancing his career, he later moved to another executive position in LETCO Commercial Companies, where he was able to introduce marketing strategies for industrial products, which accelerated the company’s growth. He joined Carcass Law firm MGO in 1984, where he was in charge of corporate clients, and it is through his positive contributions that he was promoted to higher position.

With the extensive experience that he gained managing all those companies and his handful knowledge of financial management, David was able to start his empire, when he formed the Davos Financial Group of companies, a firm that provides professional financial advice to its selected clients. This company has been a success because of the continued efforts for David to satisfy his customers by offering them quality services. The company has scooped several international awards like; Medal of Honor of the United Stated Congress and South Florida Business Leaders 2009.

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