Choose A Handy Service To See How Great The Company Is

Having any kind of startup can be difficult, especially when there is stiff competition out there and someone else who has already ran with the idea. Handy was created as a startup and became so incredibly popular that they started bringing in millions of dollars in a single month, and the revenue has only skyrocketed ever since. Handy now has a customized website that allows its customers to make bookings every day if they want to, and some bookings can be made in advance for those who have a future date in mind for any services that they want.

Since many of the services that are booked on the Handy website are for cleaning, those that want these services tend to want them very quickly, so many of the services are fulfilled within one day. The cleaning service from Handy makes up 85% of the services that are rendered to customers, and according to NYC TechMommy, there are tons of repeat customers that constantly reorder services from Handy. Even though Handy has some great cleaning services, those that have ordered these services before tend to also get other services that Handy offers. Another great service offered by Handy is the handyman services.

Anyone who ever needs a handyman will normally want the services of someone to install light fixtures, fan installation, electrician work and more. Even plumbing services are provided by Handy, so those that have a leak or need a garbage disposal unit fixed can check with Handy for those services as well. The services offered by Handy will depend on which city the customer is in, especially if they want plumbing services, which vary from city to city. Anyone who uses the Handy application on their phone or the website will have to put in their zip code, which can help determine what services are available.

When a service is chosen from Handy, the specifics must be given by the customer as well as the date that the service is needed. The customer will get an instant quote that can be paid for via a credit or debit card through their smartphone or online if they are at their computer. Handy makes it very easy for any customer to get services, and people become repeat customers because they get great workers that do a great job, and the prices are very competitive as well. Anyone who hasn’t tried Handy yet should consider getting even one Handy service.